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Earn 200% of your deposit

Safe & legit TRX smart-contract

Passed audit successfully


Tronvercity is a whole ecosystem built on the basis of smart contracts at TRON Network. Within the ecosystem, several highly profitable projects with different marketing and investment conditions are simultaneously operating. You can find the right one for you or participate in all at once in order to better control the risks.

When participating in projects from Tronvercity, you should be aware that even with a successfully passed audit, transparency of the contract code and confirmed honesty of the Administration, there is always a "risk of the last participant". It is in order to reduce such risks that we recommend proportionally dividing the planned amount of investment between all existing projects of the Tronvercity ecosystem. Then, in case of an unsuccessful investment into one of the projects, you can cover the loss and earn good money by participating in other projects of the ecosystem.

And if you have the proper experience and timely entry into new projects of the Tronvercity ecosystem, you will be able to reach a constant and predictable high income.

In the projects of the Tronversity Ecosystem, the Anti-Panic Algorithm operates (it allows to avoid quick decrease in the contract balance, distributing the load evenly): within the framework of marketing, for the first time you can withdraw funds at any time, but the next withdrawal will be available exactly as long as it has passed since the first deposit or the previous request for payment of funds (but not more than 2 calendar days). At the same time, the Anti-Panic Algorithm allows you to withdraw funds regularly (for example, once a day), but then you will not accumulate a hold bonus. You yourself choose: keep funds and accumulate bonuses (the most profitable and fastest option is to withdraw once, when the full amount of 200% of the amount of deposits made has been accumulated) or withdraw periodically, but - increasing the payback time of the deposit due to the absence of a hold bonus.

Investment Conditions

With this Long Term TRONVERCITY 3D smart contract, you can earn 200% of each of your deposits. Minimum deposit only 100 TRX. No maximum limit. At least you will receive 3% of the invested amount daily, but it can be increased due to additional bonuses:

  • 0.2% daily for every 1 million TRX turnover of the project (the sum of total deposited + total withdrawn: Contract bonus does not decrease (and growing up!), even if the balance goes down)
  • 0.2% daily - your personal hold bonus (for every 24 hours if you did not request a withdrawal of funds)

Distribution of funds: 8% - for Advertising, 2% - technical needs and salaries, 8% - for Partner Program, 82% - Payments to investors.

How To Earn
Install TRX-wallet
You may use not only TronLink, but TronMask, Banko or Klever.
Make deposit
Haven`t TRX? Buy it on any exchange or find seller on Bestchange.com.
Ask for withdrawals
Withdraw any amount of TRX. You need 10 TRX on your address for paying network fee.
We are work only with TRX
Min. investment: 100 TRX / Max. profit: 200%
Affiliate Program: 3 levels (5%, 2%, 1%)
Principal included
Instant withdrawals + AntiPanic algorithm
Total Invested, TRX
Contract Turnover, TRX
Active Investors
Contract Bonus
About Us

TRONVERCITY LIMITED is official registered Company (#13101401, click to check). Company address: 145 Minories, London, England, EC3N 1LS
TRONVERCITY 3D Smart Contract successfully passed independent audit from Telescr.in and they verified our code is clean, safe and legit.

TRONVERCITY is transparent and maximally honest system, based on TRX smart-contract technology. Its code can`t be modified by anybody and it is works until last cent.

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